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Lee Tubman is an accomplished Grand Prix rider and coach who has competed successfully internationally. Long listed multiple times for Team Canada for the Olympics and Pan American Games, Lee was a Canadian National Grand Prix Champion, and Equestrian Canada High Performance coach who also ran a successful training barn for 28 years, with clients competing succesfully from Training level to Grand Prix. Coaching is one of Lee's strongest points and it shows in the six Young riders he has coached to NAYRC, with Team medals and multiple top ten placings. He was named by 3M corporation as Male Coach of the year in 1994 in Canada. Lee is the only person in the world to have medaled at NAYRC, coached at NAYRC and judged NAYRC! Coaching his way all over North and South America since 1984, Lee is a well sought after clinican who can bring the rare combination of three perspectives: Competition, Training and Judging to all levels from beginners to International Grand Prix Riders. Lee also has a special way with  young horses, riding multiple horses to FEI 5 and 6 year old Championships. With over 35 years of experience in judging, he is a FEI 4* judge and FEI Young Horse judge. Lee is also a USDF "S" judge and Equestrian Canada "S" judge. Having judged such prestigous shows as CDI and CDIO "Nations Cup" in Wellington, FL, Dressage at Devon CDI, Del Mar National CDI, Adequan West Coast Dressage CDI, Tryon World Equestrian Games Trial Event, Pan American Games Trials in USA, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Argentina.

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Born and raised on his parents ranch in Saskatchewan, Canada, Lee is no stranger to farm life and hard work. His family had both a grain farm and cattle ranch, raising polled hereford cattle and of course horses for ranch work. Lee's first pair of shoes were Cowboy boots!

As a child, Lee gained a lifetime of experience riding many different breeds of horses in different disciplines, both english and western. It wasnt until his early teens that he was introduced to the sport of Dressage. In 1976 Lee watched the Olympic Equestrian events on TV held in Montreal, Canada and became interested.

In 1981, Lee relocated to Ontario to become a working student for Christilot Boylen who had her training barn with the Pracht family in Newmarket (International Equestrian Sport Services).

Throughout his career Lee has trained with some of the top trainers in the world including, Neil and Cindy Ishoy, Walter Zettl, Willi Schulteis, Johann Hinnemann, Uwe Sauer, Rudolph Zeilinger, Siegfried Peilcke, Goetz Weber-Stefan, Wolfgang Michaelis, Guenther Festerling, Robert Dover, Dr Joseph Neckerman and Hans and Evi Pracht.

In 1981 and 1982 Lee represented Canada at the NAYRC winning a Team Gold and Bronze medal and placed fifth indivdually.  Lee has coached six young riders at NAYRC to two team medals and five top ten placings. To date Lee holds the distinguished title of being the only person in history to ride, coach and judge the NAYRC.

Once he finished Young Riders, Lee began taking judges courses and received his first License in 1985 and began judging Dressage.

In 1987, he competed for Canada at the North American Dressage Championships at small tour on a self trained horse.

From 1989-1990 he trained in Germany taking two horses to train with a German Riding Master, Guenter Festerling. During this time Lee was named to Equestrian Canada short and long list.

In 1996 Lee competed at Grand Prix in the Canadian Olympic qualifiers for Atlanta and was long listed.  In 1998 Lee won the title of Canadian Grand Prix Dressage Champion. 

In 2000 he took Judges training in Germany with Dieter Schule, Katrina Wuest, Uwe Mechlem and many other German FEI judges.

In 2006 Lee was both FEI Young Horse 5 and 6 year old Champion. In 2006 and 2007 he won the FEI Young Horse 6 year old title. Also in 2007 Lee recieved his "S" judges card in Canada and USA.

In 2012 and 2013 Lee represented Canada at the Nations Cup in Wellington Florida.

In 2015 Lee recived his FEI 3* Judges card and began judging CDI's in Wellington Florida as well as other shows in USA and South America.

In 2017 Lee passed his FEI 4* exam and has judged such prestigous shows as CDI and CDIO"Nations Cup" in Wellington, FL, Dressage at Devon, Del Mar National CDI, Adequan West Coast Dressage CDI, Tryon World Equestrian Games Trial Event, Pan American Games Trials in USA, Colombia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Argentina.

Lee has also taken an active interest in supporting the Dressage community. A member of Equestrian Canada Competitions Commitee, Dressage Officials Commitee, High Preformance Coaching examiner and Pan American Games selector.

Lee presently resides in Wellington, Florida and teaches clinics and Judges throughout USA, South America and Canada.

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Lee is avaliable to teach clinics all across North and South America. Clinics can be customized to fit any situation from the normal 2-3  consecutive days, to individual lessons avaliable locally. 

Lee has been a clinician since 1984 and is Licensed as a High Performance Coach in Canada. Clinics are his specialty and he teaches approximately thirty or more each year.  He took coaching courses to understand coaching theory, any student of his can atest to his ability to give detailed and clear instruction that can be applied to any level of riding. 

During winter season in Wellington, Florida, Lee takes a limited number of horses and riders for training. This can be at your stable or where he is located. 



It is important to understand that there are two parts in training; psychological and physical. It is first most important that you gain the horses trust and that your horse can perform in a relaxed psychological manner. Then and only then will you have created a training effect that will last a long time.

Home: Services
Home: Services
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Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto,Ontario, Canada


Lee Tubman in Wellington, FL

Gallery 22.jpg

Las Vegas CDI - Judge at "C"

gallery 1.jpg

2015 NAYRC Lexington, Kentucky

gallery 3.jpg

Lee Tubman Jumper schooling on Visage

gallery 4.jpg

Enfatico Small Tour

gallery 2.jpg

Lee Tubman at his first Dressage show Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

gallery 5.jpg

Davenport FEI 5 year old division

gallery 6.jpg

Marzipan FEI 5 year old Division

Gallery 7.jpg

Between Friends in the Jumper Division

Gallery 8.jpg

1998 Canadian National Grand Prix Dressage Champion

Gallery 9.jpg

The Tackroom

Gallery 12.jpg

NAYRC Team Gold 1982

Gallery 11.png

Adequan Global Dressage Festival CDI 3* Awards Presentations

Gallery 13.jpg

De La Rosa and Lee Tubman competing Small Tour

Gallery 14.jpg

Lee Tubman on Little Lady in the Western Division Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Gallery 15.jpg

Lee Tubman on top Young horse "Four Seasons"

Gallery 17.jpg

First ever NAYRC 1981 Team bronze with Ashley Holtzer

Gallery 16.jpg

Schooling with Stephen Clarke

Gallery 19.jpg

Adequan Global Dressage Festival Cesar Torrente and Janet Foy

Gallery 20.jpg

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair with Joan McCartney and Lorraine McDonald

Gallery 21.png

RAWF Toronto, Ontario, Canada

GaLLERY 23.jpg

Coaching in Loxahatchee, Florida

GALLERY 24.jpg

Del La Rosa at Devon in the CDI Small tour

gallery 26 best.jpg

Del La Rosa winning at Devon in the Small Tour

gallery 27.jpg

Del La Rosa

gallery 28.jpg

Ottawa Capital Classic


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